Legend Has It


A Group of Crusty (Mid 40's) Old Guys Had A Brainy Thought (Light Bulb) Street Racing Would Be A Great Hobby!

First & Foremost, It Gets Them Away From Their Nagging Old Ladies!

No More Sitting Around & Getting FATTER!  Keeps Them Out of Trouble????

They Love To Turn Wrench, Screw Things Up, Make Things Go Fast And Lastly The Adrenalin Is Their High!

So AT A Garage Somewhere In Stillwater, NY The Brainstorming Started, Some of Them Left With Migraines, But They Accomplished A Great Club! Till This Day Our Members List Is Growing. Every Type of Car, Truck Or Jalopy Is Welcome. We Will See You On The Streets of .................?

The 660 Outlaw Street Drags

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The 660 Outlaws

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